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Sex & Judgement:

Let's Talk About It, Shall We?

Cardi B: The New Female

Part 1: The female predator


Did  you know that the dodo bird had no natural predators? Some biologists  even suggest that they lost the ability to fly because nothing was  hunting them on the island of Mauritius, east of Madagascar in the  Indian Ocean. Adapting to life without flight led to a series of  anatomical changes. Their wings became smaller and their tails became  stumpy.

They had no need to  develop their survival instincts. They didn't have to fight for their  self-preservation and consequently were eventually all eaten into  extinction by Dutch sailors.  

"Self-preservation  is therefore an almost universal hallmark of life. .. Self preservation  is essentially the process of an organism preventing itself from being  harmed or killed and is considered a basic instinct in most  organisms.[6] Most call it a "survival instinct", according to the Wikipedia page on Self Preservation. 

Cardi B  has recently come under attack for an old Instagram live video where  she admitted to drugging and robbing men during her time as a stripper.  She said they would solicit her in the club for sex and so she would  tell them to meet her at a hotel where their fate awaited them. 

Depending on where one is standing on the spectrum of moral relativism, Cardi B  is either the answer or she is the question to how females must evolve  in a world where females have been preyed upon for thousands of years.  She is either the demon temptress who lured these poor males to their  ill-fate or she is a female fighting for her life in a game where she's  the ceaselessly hunted.

You see, this is not about morality. 

This is not about right or wrong. 

This is about a basic instinct. 

If we could pull ourselves away from viewing Cardi B's behavior  through blinding, colonized moral lenses, we might see how a hunted  species must hyper-evolve if it wants to survive. After all, the first  law of unbridled nature is self-preservation. Like it or not, Cardi B is a female who has learned to not only adapt in a marginalized, hostile environment, but also how to flip the script on it. 

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, one in five women (and one in 71 men) will be raped at some point in their lives. 

The  threat of sexual violence is statistically higher for poor black women,  and even more so for poor black women in sex work. Therefore, one can  deduce that poor black women in the sex industry are required to  practice self-preservation more often than anyone else. 

Some have equated Cardi B's actions to that of Bill Cosby's transgressions. Comparing her story to a famous man's exploitation of women demonstrates a profound lack of understanding (or willful denial) of power dynamics in this society. If you want to be a woke  person, it's time to start asking deeper questions around the  intersections of power, race, gender, sex-based oppression and class.  Critical analysis of how these complicated systems intersect, overlap  and manifest in our material reality is important to understand in authentic activism. Opinions based solely on moral relativism are as useless as farts in the wind. 

For  the most part, (not always), sex work is also a poverty draft. However,  instead of being initiated into a billion dollar  military-industrial-complex war profiting machine, sex work is an  induction into a shamed and unseen  war. Both are equally profitable to the "machine", but sex work comes  without the promise of college scholarships, glory or health care.   

Wikipedia goes on to say,  "Even the most simple of living organisms (for example, the  single-celled bacteria) are typically under intense selective pressure  to evolve a response that would help avoid a damaging environment, if  such an environment exists. Organisms also evolve while adapting - even  thriving - in a benign environment (for example, a marine sponge  modifies its structure in response to current changes, in order to  better absorb and process nutrients)." 

Cardi B  represents a force of nature who was able to practice natural  self-preservation. She did it in a way that men and women who live in  the gilded cages of modern comforts could never begin to understand, in  the "urban-wild". 

“Every  piece of this is man's bullshit. They call this war a cloud over the  land but they made the weather and then they stand in the rain and say  'shit it's raining!"  - Ruby, Cold Mountain

Men conjured this new unpredictable woman in the same way men conjured this new unpredictable weather.  The "rule of man" created this perfect storm.  

"The  island had no predators or carnivores and the dodo had no need to flee,  so it lost its ability to fly. It received a reputation as stupid  because it did not flee from humans," said Hanneke Meijer, an ornithologist at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History.

Men  have done remarkable things. They have pioneered and built our entire  civilization. But they didn't do it in isolation. Perhaps it's time for a  little bit of honest self-reflection. 

Did  man not know his actions of conquest, rape and exploitation of women in  the name of progress wouldn’t eventually yield any proportional  consequences? Did man not know his actions would eventually turn him  impotent - literally and metaphorically? #SinsOfTheFather How long can a species exist without a natural survival instinct? How long does the emperor reign until his hubris and material comfort turn him into prey? 

Maybe Cardi B  learned how to be a hunter, via the hunter himself. Conservatives have  touted the idea of "trickle-down economics" for more than 30 years.  Perhaps Cardi B had found her source of "trickle-down economics".  Men who want to pay for sex are known as "tricks", after all. 

And maybe, just maybe Cardi B as the new woman is  the new predator. Could it then be possible that males are the new dodo  birds? In this post-modern apocalyptic island of the rising angry and hungry female, (an island men unconsciously created themselves), he taught her well. Didn't he?

[Stay tuned for Part 2, The Domesticated Predator]

The Red Woman and Cardi B

The Red Woman and Cardi B


About Sex and Judgement

The concept of "Sex and Judgement" reminds us that we are all born of blood, into mud. Moral relativism is the root of many evils... Our desire to be good (measured by the standards of world religion and dogma) is what has ironically gotten in the way of our potential for human greatness. Remembering that we are OF nature and not ABOVE nature is the true way forward, if we are all to survive as a species. Humbling ourselves by learning to question our assumptions about sex and other taboos is only the beginning of the Great Work calling each and every one of us. 

The Emperor has no clothes. It is time that we get over ourselves and stand #NakedAndUnashamed in this Garden of Eden once again.