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 Chriselda Pacheco is an American writer, speaker, community organizer,  self empowerment Anti-Guru. She received her bachelors degree in English  and Journalism from the University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio,  Tx. Her focus for the last 15 years has been a deep study of human  sexuality and the archetypes that "rule the day". Her field studies go  deep into the trenches, including strip clubs, dom workers, and other  areas of "sex workers".

Chriselda  Pacheco's field of study observes  the intersections of psychology, religion/ secularism, and politics,  within the scope of human sexuality. Having perfected her particular  brand of unique perspectives on human sexuality, she is now ready to  present her viewpoint to a broader audience. The central "Hub" for her  presentations will be Sexandjudgement.com . 

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 The website will be updated daily, including editorials by Chriselda and  other writers, interviews, news links, videos, podcasts, and live  streams. The presentation style will vary from serious to humorous to  outrageous. The main goal of the website is to provide an interactive  platform for discussions on human sexuality. 

"The Realness with Conner Moore" podcast , interview with  Chriselda Pacheco

Chriselda's  goal is to move away from the "us vs. them" paradigm that dominates the  current news/ media. She is driving a movement that exists on the  fringes, so that a possible "third point" can be achieved. This "third  point" of observation seeks to reconcile and ultimately "heal" some of  the most damaging wounds of our current trajectory. Chriselda's work  hopes to be a voice for those on the fringes; for those who have  suffered sexual trauma (male or female); for those who feel marginalized  due to sexuality; and for those seeking to empower themselves and live  happier, free lives.

The funds of this drive will allow the  completion of phase 1 of the website. Having secured the ".com",  Sexandjudgement has need for various expenses such as continuous web  design and support, legal fees, and start up costs . Once these funds  are secured, the full roll-out of the website will become possible.  Behind the scenes, there is a large amount of content waiting to be  unleashed. The final variable is an operating budget, and this is where  you can help!