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Welcome to Church on the B-Sides

After thousands of years of human supremacy, (the machine), nature is reminding us who is boss. Nature, and her laws are universal, uncompromising and are the unmitigated, ultimate truths.  Humanity is collectively breaking through layers of amnesia. We're awakening to who we are as individuals. How do we cultivate our true individual natures without becoming so self-obsessed? How can we learn to be bad for the greater good?

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"Across  the broad continent of a woman's life falls  the shadow of a sword. On  one side all is correct, definite, orderly;  the paths are straight, the  trees regular, the sun shaded; escorted by  gentlemen, protected by  policemen, wedded and buried by clergymen, she  has only to walk  demurely from cradle to grave and no one will touch a  hair of her head.  But on the other side all is confusion. Nothing  follows a regular  course. The paths wind between bogs and precipices;  the trees roar and  rock and fall in ruin.”    ―   Virginia Woolf   

Church On The B-Sides Matron Saints

Sex and Judgement's "Church On The B-Sides"  recognizes women who lived their lives on the B-sides. 

These  Matron Saints were chosen for their courage to live their lives by the  "sword", thereby sharing a testimony that is rarely expressed or sought after  but needed now more than ever for girls and  women who want to survive in a world waiting to exploit them. 

Likeability is not a pre-requisite for an S&J Matron Saint. 

Rather, tenacity, grit, endurance, fortitude and a personality that was a force of nature are the qualifiers. What can we learn from their lives and how do their lives mirror our own? What aspects can we relate to whether we like it or not?

Church on the B-Sides is the philosophy and spirituality of Sex and Judgement. It challenges women to reconsider their moral codes or to at least question what has informed their codes of morality in the first place. 

This list is in constant flux. 

Considering the pre-requisites for S&J's Matron Saints, who would you like to see added to this list? 

Let us know.